Women In Engineering – Insight into Sharon




Quality Manager

What made you decide to pursue a career in Engineering?

Curiosity took me down the path of engineering! It started as a child pulling my new toys apart (including dolls!) to see how it worked and putting back together as new. It was a natural progression to carry on.

What is your experience as a woman in Engineering?

Everyone knows who you are because you are in a minority. Once they get to know you, they are quite happy to work with you and they treat you like a sister!

How can we inspire young women to consider Engineering as a career option?

I see the engineering sector becoming more accepting of women in the future.

In my career, I have seen a slow, but steady increase of numbers of women entering engineering. Now with the positive encouragement for women to enter the sector it is becoming easier for women become engineers the numbers should grow.

What do you see Engineering looking like for women in the future?

Encourage the girls to ‘Give it a Go’. Engineering is not a strange environment that is always dirty. You are accepted for who you are and that you want to be an engineer, so ‘why not’.

It is very enjoyable, make sure you grab the opportunity to participate and relish the satisfaction of looking at a finished article and say ‘I made that’.

What is your relationship with Insight?

I met Kyle – one of the managing consultants- when he was starting on the path of recruitment and I was clueless starting to look for a career move. He has guided me since and has encouraged me all the way through, thank you Kyle you’re a star!