Women In Engineering – Insight into Lauren Barker



Lauren BarkerLauren Barker


Project Engineer


 Electrical Engineering – ICP

Current Duties Involve

HV/LV Electricity Distribution Network Design
Utility Infrastructure Feasibility
Utility Connections Project Management
Utility Diversions Project Management
Distribution Generation Consultancy

Company overview

Utility Engineering Solutions Ltd (UESL) has been established for 12 years now.  Starting out as an electrical and multi-utility consultancy company, UESL has grown into a NERS Accredited Design and Construction Independent Connections Provider, designing and constructing electricity distribution networks for large residential, commercial & industrial schemes. As well as designing projects for a number of other NERS Accredited ICPs.

What made you decide to pursue a career in Engineering?

Electrical engineering has always been a part of my family history, both my father and grandfather are/were electrical engineers so I have always been interested in the principles of electricity and network distribution.

What is your experience as a woman in Engineering?

My experience has always been a good one. There are many talented women who are electrical engineers who I deal with on a day-to-day basis – it is good to see that electrical engineering isn’t just a male dominated industry anymore!

How can we inspire young women to consider Engineering as a career option?

By other female engineers being more vocal about their experiences working in the engineering sector. Engineering is seen as a very male dominated industry but in reality there are probably a lot more female engineers out in the field then people think there are.

What do you see Engineering looking like for women in the future?

I think the number of women in the industry will grow year by year; the views on women has changed greatly in the past 40+ years.