The Value Of Doing Things Right

As part of our Insight Into series our M.D. Sean McCleary discusses Insights first year trading results and the value placed on doing things in the right way.


We have just completed our first year of trading as Insight Recruitment, and I’m pleased to share the results of what has been a very successful year, but also cover the importance of having the right Values in your business.


Insight have experienced record breaking growth, taking the team from 2 to 15 people over the year and retaining 100% of our staff. To me that fact that nobody has left Insight since our inception speaks volume about our team and what we are trying to build.


In terms of revenue, breaking the million pounds in turnover mark in our first year was something that, even coming from my background as a partner of a FTSE 250 listed recruitment business, massively exceeded my expectations.


However the key for me is to highlight HOW we have achieved such success, and this is where I wanted to discuss our company values and the part they played in our success.


What are company values?


A company’s values are the guiding principles which underpin all behaviours and actions. Values are not just words but they capture the spirit of the business; how people in the business behave and work together; and what people internally or customers externally can expect when they deal with anyone representing the business.


In a fast paced, highly sales focused area such as recruitment it’s very easy for a business to focus only on what they do; their sales results. Management can often simply look at the key activities that drive short term results and therefore a perceived tangible return on investment.


The danger with this is that you are neglecting the underlying principles and standards which ensure that achievements are not at the expense of ethics, behaviours, relationships etc. For me this is where I wanted Insight to be different.


Having the opportunity to build Insight from the ground up, the first task we focused on was shaping and defining the culture of the business, I wanted Insight to be a place people could be proud of and I felt that pride would translate into how we approached our customers.

Thankfully, now a year down the line and by staying true to those values we are in the fortunate position of being able to partner with customers who have a similar approach and values to us as a business.


How can values be measured?


I would argue that your values and how you choose to create and maintain your culture can be measured through both employee and customer engagement, retention, and ultimately will the service you offer.


Whilst most companies may produce an annual survey loosely around values to measure the impact around their culture, I wanted to pull out some of the key findings from our first year’s results and demonstrate what has been possible by focusing on Insight’s core values.


Its clear Values define a business, that said our excellent 1st year wouldn’t have been possible without the people who embraced these values or the customers who have given us the opportunity to deliver on these values.

So on behalf of insight I would like to thank everyone who has helped us on the journey so far, people who put their trust in us and importantly the team who inspire Insight to exceed expectations every day – I look forward to an equally impressive and value filled 2017!


Sean McCleary Managing Director at Insight