The right process will help find the right person…

Inisight Quote 7th Feb

The right process will help find the right person…

Throughout February, Insight have pledged to share a story of success to help people in our network drive success throughout their business or personal life.

One way we believe you can be successful in recruiting the right people to your business is by having the right process and this is how we believe that process should look.

Insight have broken this down into different stages of the decision process and in this post we are going to discuss understanding the need to hire before going out to the market place to find the right candidate.

Firstly, what is the need for the hire?

Recruiting people for your business for the wrong reason is easily the first mistake you can make and result in an un-successful hire. Firstly you need to ask yourself, what is the need for this person? Do we have the resource internally? What are the alternatives options? Is this a temporary need? What opportunities will we miss if we don’t hire? What are the consequences if we hire and the need is no longer there? Does this person exist?

These are some of the first questions Insight ask when understanding a client’s requirement and it’s to determine whether there is an alternative option to employing someone. Our aim is to be a partner to organisations we work with. So if we believe that hiring someone isn’t the right solution to your business, we will say so.

Hiring someone for the wrong need or a need that isn’t really there can have a negative impact on your business and your existing workforce, result in potential redundancy, un-necessary cost to your business, damage your employment brand and result in missed opportunities for candidates that chose your companies opportunity over others.

Make sure you have covered all bases before beginning the recruitment process and you will find that your mindset going into the recruitment process will be much different than if you jump in two feet first.

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What next?

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