Recruitment in a Post-Brexit world

Despite initial concerns that the IT recruitment sector would slow dramatically following Britain’s decision in the EU referendum, a new report authored by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation suggested that business still hope and expect to grow significantly over the final quarter of 2016.

This is particularly true of smaller businesses who will likely struggle to take on new projects without increasing the size of their workforce- in fact 22% of companies surveyed said they are planning to take on more permanent staff whilst just under 10% of companies were expecting to bolster their team with freelance/contract solutions.

Kevin Green, chief executive of REC, said the research showed the fundamentals of the UK jobs market were strong, with record employment levels: “Thanks to a resilient, business-as-usual attitude from consumers since the referendum, demand on businesses has remained buoyant, and this is reflected in employers saying they will actively expand their workforces in the coming months.”

This was echoed when asked around long-term hiring plans – with 25% of companies planning to take on more permanent staff over the next four to 12 months (13% for temporary staff).
It was noted that the pendulum could swing quickly should the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and the UK’s already scrutinised Immigration Policy offer negative signals.

Of the areas where companies were looking to increase their workforce, most centred on the desire for a mix of technical, business and communicative skills. In today’s climate, IT
professionals need to be comfortable in customer-facing situations and there has been a significant switch to this being a key requirement in job specifications.

It’s increasingly important for those on the technical side of the business to be able to translate and communicate the technical requirements into that business.

This correlates with Insight IT’s own market research which has seen a sharp upturn in the number of roles registered across Development, Architecture, Test and Project Management since the EU referendum.

We have also noted that with the demand for talent higher than ever, we have been consulting with plenty of our clients on ensuring candidate experience is a positive one- rarely has brand identity been so important in a social-media driven society. For more information on how we can add value above and beyond placing technical staff with you, get in touch on 0161 710 2317