Stop The Press! Lee Sentino Joins Insight

LeeWhat is your role at Insight and how did you get here?

I’m one of the Lead Consultants on the Permanent team here at Insight, helping to grow software teams in the North West and Yorkshire. I started in recruitment around three years ago and have enjoyed it since day one. I started out within a global recruitment firm as a candidate-only consultant (something that was invaluable to helping me understand the importance of clearly communicating updates with my candidates), before progressing to be a 360 degree consultant. This was great experience to understand recruitment but now working in a smaller agency, I have a lot more autonomy and a bigger focus on building long-term relationships.

Prior to that, I was working as a freelance journalist, writing for the music press –interviewing the likes of Pete Docherty, The Prodigy and Tinie Tempah. Back in the day, I actually turned down an interview with Lady Gaga (before she released a single) because I thought she wouldn’t make it and was just attention seeking! These days I’m still interviewing people but it’s a completely different type of Q&A!

What does success mean to you?

Success for me is being able to do what I want, when I want to. I always wanted a flat in Manchester City Centre and to now be living and working here is a result for me. Also I genuinely want to be respected for what I do, so to have clients coming back to me time and time again, to me is success.

What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?

Be discerning in the kind of jobs you want to apply for – have a clear idea of the level of position, day-to-day responsibilities and location you are looking for – and that should be extended to the recruiters that you engage with. Ultimately, they are part of the first impression you are making to any prospective employer.

What’s the best you have for anyone trying to make it in recruitment?

Know what your specialism is. Particularly in an overcrowded industry like recruitment, you need to stand out. Learn your market from technologies you never thought you’d get your head around to keeping up to date with trends in the wider industry (e.g. Cyber Security, Cloud Computing).

Also be prepared to put in the hours. The best candidates can often be those who are hardest to speak to so be willing to catch people in the evenings and weekends if needed.

With it being feel good Feb, what makes you feel good?

Coming into work and genuinely enjoying it. From the people I’m working with to the office environment, I look forward to coming in each day. Also, there’s nothing more satisfying in my day job than getting referrals from those I’ve worked with (not necessarily even placed) which shows that people are happy with the work I’ve done.