Insight Recruitment’s 28 days of Success


Inisight Quote

A wise man once said that a moments Insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience, unfortunately, I’m not that man and I’m not claiming to be particularly that wise, although I have had my moments.


I am however the Managing Director of one of the fastest growing, specialist recruitment agencies in the UK and as we lead up to our first full year of trading, the good people I work with are committing to sharing success every day of February.


These will include personal insights from the recruitment world, shared experiences from our customers in the technology and engineering sectors, top tips for job seekers and companies alike and topics we believe are relevant to the success in industry.


Our aim in sharing these Insights is to promote success, so if you find these moments of insight over February then please share, feel free to contribute or contact any of the Insight team for further information.


Thanks and please keep us posted on how you turn these Insights into action.


Sean McCleary