Insight prepare for Ibiza – (Not quite) Summer Sales day….

Summer is coming, and at Insight that means a Summer sales incentive to Ibiza, so with the stories of last years trip still in circulation (and the promises of never going out again being well forgotten) Insight ran a sales day last week to help get us in the mood.

We left the Summer dress code pretty open and asked everyone to come in ‘holiday dress’. Some people went full force and rocked Hawaiian shirts, shorts, inflatables, snorkeling masks and many just took the easy route of donning some Sunnies. This may have resulted in us resembling more ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest’ than our intended ‘Miami Vice’ but the results and the fun were well worth the embarrassing pictures and whistles from Ancoats builders (mainly at Harry) on a cold morning.


sales day

Mixing up various sales focused activities, with firm drunken party favourites such at the ‘cereal box game’ and ‘Mr and Mrs’ (which our all male couple from Rochdale aced), made for a great day and some even better results of the back. Ultimately all meaning more happy customers for Insight, and some great revelations about our staff including finding out that Danielle is in fact a Human Transformer.



After a hard fought battle, and some serious progress made in our quest to Ibiza, the winning team enjoyed their seat at this morning’s ‘Breakfast Club’….




Apparently the best Mancunian special Brekkie isn’t good for the Ibiza bodies but it is for the soul….

group breakfast

Due to the continuing customer demand the Insight team are growing – so if your talented, passionate and don’t take yourself too seriously we would like to speak to you. In return we can offer breakfasts, Ibiza trips, badly coordinated sales day outfits and most importantly the opportunity build true relationships and do recruitment in a different way.

Please get in touch with Sean to discuss further – or 0161 710 2317.