Insight Into – Summer Social

With the summer upon us and World Cup fever subsided it was time for the annual Insight Summer party – unsurprisingly the promise of booze and a BBQ round the big bosses’ house wasn’t a hard sell for a bunch of recruiters! Indicative of just how caring the team are, it was a full turn out as every member of the Insight family got together to celebrate what has been a record H1 in the glorious sunshine that us Northerner’s aren’t often blessed with!

For the more hardcore Insight members amongst us, the day – and drinking – started early with a visit to one of Heaton Moor’s finest pubs. Following a few very liquid hours an excitable bunch of over 30 descended on McCleary Towers for a fun-filled and competitive afternoon of garden games. Fuelled by the cocktail bar that had been laid on, fierce competition was underway as everyone relentlessly attempted to avoid the shame and forfeits that came with losing everything from Play Your Cards Right to Lawn Darts.

As the sun set, the party spilled inside and Sean McCleary dusted off his decks, transforming himself from Big Boss to resident DJ. After treating the troops to one of his Ibiza-style sets ahead of our company trip to the party island at the end of the month, the night continued in the self-styled Man Cave with more dancing, more drinking and more story telling.

Insight Recruitment Sean DJ
Fast forward to Monday morning and it’s back to business. Whilst the hangover has subsided, and the party has been consigned to memories for another year, what remains is the spirit of everyone here working together to create something special at Insight. Come and join us on the journey as we continue to understand people and redefine perceptions…

Insight Summer Social