Insight Into… Squad Goals

As a recruitment agency that specialises in the IT market, we’ve witnessed an abundance of different approaches to organisational structure and agile practice over the years. Increasingly, and perhaps more widely implemented than any other solution, is the adoption of dividing large teams into smaller groups called ‘squads’.

Squads are typically teams of around 4-8 people with a clear and common goal that can be achieved in a short timeframe.

Here at Insight we’re on a mission to determine what exactly a perfect squad looks like but, before that, here’s a roundup of the key benefits associated with implementing a squad structure to realise and retain agile practice.

Improves Internal Culture and Employee Experience

Working in squads promotes team productivity and motivation given the absence of a traditional hierarchical structure. Offering employees organisational independence and freedom, whilst operating on a level playing field, facilitates open communication, responsiveness and collaboration, all of which are conducive to a positive company culture and employee experience.


Clarity around Organisational Objectives

Finalising decisions, driving improvements and achieving unanimity are all hinderances attributable to sizeable teams that often manifest into a lack of clarity regarding the big picture and wider organisational objective. Implementation of a squad structure eradicates the abandonment of overall business objectives and ensures improved cross functionality, collaboration and communication.


Ensures Organisational Efficiency

Typically, in larger organisations where teams operate as silos, making headway can be laborious. To combat this, adopting a squad structure refines the time intensive nature involved in making progress during a project. Employees benefit from swifter feedback, consensus is achieved with greater ease and at a greater pace and teams operate in a more dynamic way.


Facilitates Organisational Scalability and Growth

In ever competitive markets innovating and streamlining process is essential for business scalability and growth. Squad structure eradicates a lack of cross-pollination found in a traditionally operating business, reduces bottlenecks and growing pains, and overcomes any lack of clarity, all of which are fundamental in enabling companies to thrive.


Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking our quest to discover what makes a perfect squad to the next level! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting Insight announcement…