Insight Into… Rayanna Bann-khellaf. Striving For Success and Placing Software Devs!

What is your role at Insight and how did you get here?
Here at Insight I specialise in placing the best Software Developers into roles primarily within the Midlands. I have a degree in Business and Marketing and worked throughout my degree as a sales advisor for 4 years. I then branched out into direct sales for a quarter of a year and decided I need a more challenging job role that I can transfer my sales skills too. A family member of mine has been working within recruitment for several years and explained what the role consists off. I then began searching for a company that’s values are aligned with my own and that’s how I ended up at Insight!

How do the company values of Insight match up with you personally?
The company values match well with my personality as I would personally describe myself as honest, kind and caring. I am a very driven individual and always want to achieve the best, which is a great reason to work for a company like Insight!

What does success mean to you?
Success to me means achieving my ultimate goals. I always want to achieve the best possible outcome regardless of the challenge. I have different goals that I set myself for each year and working within a thriving recruitment agency was one of them.

What are your top tips for success?
My top tips for success are: 1. Work hard 2. Motivate yourself 3. Work well under pressure.
I apply these 3 tips to myself personally, I constantly motivate myself every single morning, even if you have a bad day there is always tomorrow.

What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?
Be confident and be yourself. Confidence is key and being your self is just as important; letting your personality come across goes a long way. Never take rejection personally, there will always be another opportunity around the corner. I would always make sure I check out the company before I apply to understand more about the company’s culture. If you can not imagine yourself fitting in, then what is the point in wasting your time and the companies time.

Give us some Insight Into yourself on a personal level – when you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy going out and having a dance and am partial to a few pornstar martinis. Work hard play hard, right?
The number one thing I enjoy most is spending time with my family, family is very important to me even if it is just all sitting down watching a film together. And of course, I enjoy shopping, what girl doesn’t?


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