Insight into Emily Firth.. from winning sportswoman to winning recruiter.

What is your role at Insight and how did you get here?

My role at Insight is Recruitment Consultant, specialising in placing Quality Managers across the North West. I stumbled across this industry after completing a Linguistics degree at Lancaster, and realising that analysing language was not for me. After spending a few months travelling around the world I decided it was time for a career. I initially worked in Graduate Management and then progressed onto the sales floor as a Business Development Executive. I then wanted something more specialised- that’s when I came across the Insight team!


What does success mean to you?

As a sportswoman, success to me equates to WINNING. I am constantly striving for self-improvement and am an extremely competitive person. In this role, knowing your market is vital- therefore knowledge really is power, and staying one step ahead of the game is what’s going to make you stand out.

What are your top tips for success?

Be resilient. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and you constantly have to remind yourself of that. But when a deal comes in and you reap the rewards financially, those long hours and late nights of work FINALLY seem worth it.

What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?

Recruiters are your best friend. Use and abuse us (in the best way possible). We are also going to gain from placing you in the right role for YOU, so we really do have your best interest at heart. But also, be dynamic and enthusiastic. Nobody wants to employ someone who isn’t enthusiastic about what they do.

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What’s the best advice you have for anyone trying to make it in recruitment?

You will go on a metaphorical roller-coaster ride. Ups and downs are just part of the role, but it is those high points that keep you going and keep you focused. Set long and short-term goals to ensure you stay motivated.

Tell us about yourself on a personal level – when you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

You’ll probably find me at the beach, a bar, or a netball court. I try to do a lot of exercise to, not so successfully, attempt to maintain the beach bod, and compensate for the alcohol consumption from the weekend.