Insight Into… Elliot Roebuck. Our Coffee, CrossFit and Countryside Loving Business Change Consultant!

What is your role at Insight and how did you get here?

I attended an Insight Into event with a close friend who works in technology. We had both seen the event online and wanted to attend. The event is a mini Ted Talks styled evening with a panel of industry experts who talked about innovation, the movement of technology and how AI will change the way we work.

Prior to attending I had already been to other recruitment firms for interviews but I didn’t like the culture of these businesses. After the event I opened my laptop, contemplated for a long-time while drinking plenty of coffee and finally – I sent an email to the Managing Director pleading him for an interview and as they say… the rest is history.

My role at Insight IT is recruiting within Business Change in the Programme Management Office focusing solely on Contracts. I recruit all aspects of the life cycle whether that be Business Analysts, Project Managers or…

How do the company values of Insight match up with you personally?

Insight Recruitment are proud to have strong values being honest and driven a few of the most poignant for me personally.

I feel I hold these values in my personal life and that’s what attracted me to the boutique recruitment firm in the first place. Before my recruitment days my previous experience demonstrated people sometimes forget just to act like people. I believe that in the digitally advancing world we live in empathy, connectedness and honesty will become the main focus. My aim in my working career is to build long lasting relationships which connect us as people face to face, because who doesn’t like a good catch-up and a coffee?

What does success mean to you?

Success is difficult to define and the more experience I gain the more I realise we can’t define success as one single moment or item. Right now, I feel I will achieve success by continually learning; I truly believe that the day you stop learning is the day you stop moving forward.

I would be lying if I didn’t say a new set of wheels wouldn’t go a miss! I’m not just talking a skateboard…

What are your top tips for success?

This is a difficult questions to answer as success will mean something different to everyone. In our working lives I feel my main focus are the two main tips a school teacher once told me;

  • Work ethic
  • Find a mentor

I love direction from someone who has built success; I like the idea that I will learn quicker and hopefully learn the mistakes I shouldn’t make from their experience. Overall work ethic is important in recruitment, the job is fast paced and exciting and being organised is simply a must. Work hard and then play harder.

What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?

Looking for a new job can be painful, stressful as well as disappointing if things don’t work out. A good start is a great CV (layout and formatting are everything) as this is the first thing your new employee sees. The amount of CV’s which are a struggle to read due to a bad choice of font is the biggest bug bear. The more difficult it is for the client or the recruiter to extract your best aspects, the more likely you are to miss the opportunity.

Also be prepared to share something in interview or on the phone that isn’t on your CV for example your best achievement – it’s important to show the real you and what you are proud of.

Give us some Insight Into yourself on a personal level – when you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I love enjoying the city in the week and spending my time in the countryside at the weekends. I am obsessed with brunch and I enjoy spending time with friends and family drinking plenty of good coffee. I like to try and exercise when I can and having recently joined a new CrossFit gym close to home I’m really enjoying the group classes as the encouragement of other makes me work harder.

Holidays is what I like to strive for – I love a skiing holiday with my friends! Though they would agree I can safely ski to a reasonable level, my posture is awful having not yet mastered the art of skiing in a graceful or elegant manner!