Going the extra 350 miles..

At Insight, there is nothing we enjoy more than getting out of the office and meeting our candidates and clients face to face. So today Sam and Sean had an early start and are going the extra mile (or the extra 350 miles in this case) to meet with some of our key clients up in Aberdeen.

Terminal 3



When out meeting our clients, whilst it’s great  to shake the hand of the person you’re doing business with, it also helps to really get an idea of what that business looks for in potential new employees. As well as allowing us to refine requirements in person for a particular job, a quick tour around the site helps us a lot when speaking to candidates about their prospective new job and describing what the day-to-day may look like.


We’re always surprised by how many hiring managers tell us they’ve never met with their agencies. With most of our core clients who we do a lot of project recruitment with, we often have scheduled monthly/quarterly catch ups.


If you would like a recruitment partner who will take the time to understand your business, please get in contact.