An insight into Kyle Davies- our resident dad dancer!

What is your role at Insight and how did you get here?

I actually stumbled into recruitment around 6 years ago after spending 5 years working with RBS in Corporate Finance (I left just a few years after we ruined the world…).  At that time I joined a FTSE 250 recruiter where I worked on sourcing engineering professionals for UK manufacturing companies, before going into business for myself and eventually joining Insight as the Director and Managing Consultant for our permanent Engineering division.  My primary focus now is on developing key supplier relationships with leading manufacturing businesses and assisting them in maximising their sourcing strategy across a range of technical and managerial functions.


What does success mean to you?

Success for me is contentment and I think that comes from being confident enough in yourself to deal with failure and keep coming back to try again.

What are your top tips for success?

Set goals for yourself and stay hungry – if you’re hungry for success you’ll work hard and do what you can to better yourself both personally and professionally.  Making it tangible by setting short, medium and long term personal goals helps to maintain drive and focus in everything you do.

What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?

Be selective.  The more abundant a commodity is the less valuable it is. If you put your CV on the job boards or send it to 300 jobs you have no real knowledge of how many people have seen it and how many times it has landed on the same manager’s desk.  Find one agent you know and trust, sit down with them to highlight your key skills and put across your requirements; then have them working proactively (but confidentially) to source opportunities which would suit you.  You might have fewer applications in progress using this method but they’ll all be well matched to your requirements and with businesses you actually want to work for!

Whats the best advice you have for anyone trying to make it in recruitment?

Value your time and service.  Don’t waste time on people who are unwilling to commit to you and who don’t value your service enough to reciprocate the effort you put in to working with them.

Tell us about yourself on a personal level – when you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I’m a keen footballer (meaning I try to make up for my lack of ability with effort and enthusiasm) and I have season tickets for both Manchester United and Rochdale – I’m honestly not sure which plays the better football at the moment.  Aside from that, and the occasional gym visit, I can often be found trying to put my sales experience into practice with the young ladies of Manchester.  Well, that or monkey walking on the dance floor – both of which tend to yield a similar amount of success, unfortunately enough.