An Insight Into Jack Leeming…

What is your role at Insight and how did you get here?


My main role here at Insight is to focus on the development of new relationships within the IT & Digital industry across the Midlands, as well
as maintaining relations with our ever growing client base. The recruitment industry is a heavily saturated market, with hundreds of agencies working the same way they did 10+ years ago. My goal is to ensure we can provide both a high quality and tailored service, if we can’t _20170510_120503improve your current recruitment process, we’ll tell you.


I’m looking to identify candidates who are interested in discussing new opportunities within a thriving market across the Midlands.


I’ve worked in recruitment for just shy of 5 years, working both contract and permanent markets across various industries – Engineering, Oil & Gas and for the last few years IT/Development! I’ve worked with Sean in the past and was really bought in to Insight’s vision. It’s an exciting time to get on board!


What does success mean to you?

Success can mean many things, however given that my main responsibility at Insight is to increase our presence across the Midlands, success to me would see this happen. This can be measured in different ways, however seeing our team and client base grow would be my main aim!

From of a personal level, besides the obvious financial benefits that growing a successful team would bring (nice house, nice car, happy girlfriend etc.), I want to make sure I can come into work every day and enjoy it!



What’s the best advice you have for anyone on the job hunt?

The last thing a recruiter wants to see from candidates looking for work, is somebody who’s known by every other recruitment agency and company in the area. If you’re thinking about looking for a new opportunity, I’d have to advise candidates to avoid using job-boards and encourage them to stick with using one, or a select number of agencies. This way you can guarantee the recruiter will put in significant time finding you a new role, also you’ll know where your CV has been sent!


What’s the best advice you have for anyone trying to make a career in recruitment?

Recruitment is by no means an “easy” job, you’ll have some very bad days, some very good days and will need to put in some long hours to generate any success. Get your day-to-day processes right and the results will follow.


Tell us about yourself on a personal level – When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing?

Football, pretty much. Outside of work I’m either playing football, watching football or sat in a public house with some form of beverage…

If you want to chat about Rochdale’s promotion chances 2017/18, I’m all ears (the offer of a free pint would probably get my attention too!)